Dream a Little Dream

Over lunch the day before Thanksgiving, my friend told me about a dream she had the week before. It was all about me, my car and a truck transporting cut trees. Sequoias, she said.

The dream began with me purchasing short term car insurance for a trip across country. Her dream was very detailed because it included mention of my regular policy’s failure to include coverage for medical costs resulting from an accident. Anyway, I purchased the short term insurance and left the east coast to visit the west all by myself.

Only thirty miles into my journey, I ended up behind a truck carrying felled trees. The highway had only one lane in each direction with a barrier separating them so passing the eighteen-wheeler was not possible. The truck was traveling twenty miles under the speed limit. Frustrated one hundred miles later, I tried to pass the truck.

I interrupted my friend to ask if the trees rolled off the truck and crushed me to death. She responded with a negative and continued by saying I failed to pass the truck and remained stuck. Apparently no one else was interested in going across the county since no other vehicles were lined up behind me and the truck. With another fifty miles traveled, I again tried and failed to pass the truck. I tried again and again at various intervals during the trip only to remain a hostage to the whims of the truck’s driver.

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I interrupted my friend again to inquire about the redundancy of her story, but she told me to let her finish, she was almost done. Her therapist had advised her that she tell me this for her own good and mine. I stifled a laugh when I realized she was serious and let he continue once more.

Finally, nearing my destination, I accelerated to a dangerous speed, swerved into the emergency lane and raced the truck for the lead position along the highway. Sensing victory, and unafraid of any consequences since I had my short term insurance policy, I pushed my car to its limit. And finally, I was ahead of the truck with only twenty miles left to reach the Pacific coast.

That’s when a turkey literally flew into my windshield. With the turkey’s head next to mine, I lost control of my car, did a tailspin and was decapitated by the truck. Oddly, the turkey survived.

I sat dazed by my friend’s ridiculous dream. She said she had had an epiphany by talking about what she was now calling her vision thanks to the guidance of her $300-per-hour therapist. She believed her dream to be a psychic vision and that she was using her gift to protect me by sharing the story. She had also used her wallet to purchase a short term insurance policy for me.

At this point, I couldn’t control myself. I paid our bill and prepared to leave. Departing, I reminded my friend that her therapist’s name was Tom and that the following day was Thanksgiving. On Thanksgiving morning, I left on my long-planned drive across the country.

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