Are the insurance companies picking on you, just because you're young?

Young drivers are robbed blind by Insurance companies! True? Well actually, no. The fact is that young drivers, particularly those with little driving experience, are the most likely of every category on the roads today to not only have an accident, but to be involved in one which includes death or serious injury, too! And this is why insurance cost so much for a young driver, they are not picking on you, they really do want your business, but you might just cost them a fortune!

Did you know which car insurance company does not charge a deposit?

The fact that you are young and inexperienced will be held very much against you when you apply from insurance but there are other factors too which will be taken into consideration. Where you live and what sort of job you do will have a large bearing on the quotations; you can't do much about that; but you can make sure that you don't buy a hot car with a bad accident record so look up the insurance class car that you are proposing to buy; and if it is in a high bracket forget about it, the insurance will cost you so much that you probably won't be able to afford to put petrol in it! You obviously want to drive a decent motor but if you buy a fairly new one there's a fair chance that you'll be going into higher purchase, and the HP company might well demand, quite reasonably, that you ensure it fully comprehensively; far better to buy a cheaper one that you can pay cash for and ensure it third party only. Steer well clear of any car which has been modified in any way; many young people like to show their individuality by driving around in a machine which is different from everyone else's but insurance companies tend to take a rather jaundiced view of this because there is a danger that any modifications have weakened the vehicle made it less stable, and the pure and simple fact is that a lot of people who drive customised cars tend to show off a little bit and this can create a potentially dangerous situations so even though you have no intention whatsoever of jeopardising your pride and joy (let alone your own life) steer clear of altered vehicles, it just isn't worth the hassle. Finally do what everyone else is doing now and shop around using a decent price comparison website; it's possible but a lot of insurers will refuse to be featured on them in the future because they are costing them too much money but at the moment you could potentially save yourself a great deal of money by letting them do the shopping around for you.

Being young is great fun but it does have its drawbacks, such as high insurance costs, but in a year or two when you have had more experience and built up a decent no claims bonus you will find premiums falling substantially. Then again if you drive like a clown and get a few penalty points along with a claim or to it would be better to forget about driving for some years, the insurance costs (if you can find anyone to insure you) would be enough to give a grown man nightmares!

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